Common Questions

Common Questions

Your Highlands Profile is the best way to keep us up to date on all of your contact information. It is also a great way to let us know of any prayer requests you may have. You may also view other aspects of your church experience, such as Dream Team involvement or your recent giving history. Our team is continually expanding this feature, so please check back later to see what’s new.

If you are creating a profile for the first time, you can sign up by clicking the Register button above. It will ask you just a few simple questions. Then our system will send a confirmation email to you. Simply follow the instructions in that email to finish setting up your account.

Special note: for security purposes, the confirmation link in the email will need to be accessed within one hour for you to complete the process. If you have any issues completing your registration for Highlands Profile, please email our Digital Support team.

The first step is to migrate your existing Highlands ID to our new system using your email and password. Once you do, you should then be able to sign in to your Highlands Profile.

You can reset your password by clicking Forgot Account above. Just enter your email address and you’ll be sent your next steps.

For security purposes, the confirmation link expires in one hour after delivery. Please email Digital Support and our team would love to help you.

We are so excited that you call Highlands home and would like to give! There are many quick and easy ways. To find the best method for you, please visit our Giving Page.

If you decide to give online or by text, the sign-in information is separate from your Highlands Profile and you can manage your giving under Manage Account. For any other questions or concerns about online giving or signing into our giving system, please email our Accounting Support team.

The easiest way to view past Small Groups that you have led is on your Small Groups Dashboard. You can also register and manage your small group there. Your sign-in information for the Small Groups Dashboard will be the same as Highlands Profile.

Yes! To make it easy and simple, the sign-in information to your Highlands Profile and Small Groups Dashboard are the same.

You can view all of your online notes from past messages by signing in to Highlands Notes. To keep things easy, your sign-in information for Highlands Notes is the same as your Highands Profile.

You may have created a new profile that was not matched to what we already had in our system. We automatically correct most of these unmatched profiles every day, so please wait 24 hours and try once more. If you still have information missing from your profile, please access the Contact Us button on the top section of the My Profile page to let us know.

Please reach out to your campus if your profile does not list the team on which you serve. Our website has contact information for Dream Team leaders at each campus.

Please reach out to your campus if your profile lists a team on which you no longer serve. Our website has contact information for Dream Team leaders at each campus.

Only minor children living in your household are connected to a household in our system. When someone turns 18 years old, they are placed into their own individual account in our system.

First, please be sure you are logged into My Profile. Then connect with our Data Support team using the Contact Us link to notify us of those changes.